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Abhishek Hazra is back at the Biennale with his performance titled Submergent Topologies that will happen between 4th and 10th February, 2017.

Submergent Topologies is a mobile lecture performance that uses the form of the guided tour. It reconfigures and subverts the position of the works it discusses in the Biennale, within the language of Hazra’s own artistic practice, and creates slippage between fiction and fact. Hazra asks the audience to suspend their skepticism and disbelief in order to hear alternative, and even contradictory readings, throughout the Biennale. While the work attempts to resist the institutional forces that expect a certain kind of ‘visibility’ and ‘legibility’, it also tries to become a space for critically reflecting on the very nature of speculative thought. In these seemingly ‘post-truth’ times, how indeed does one approach artistic speculation?

The detailed schedule of the performances is available here.

These performances are supported by GALLERYSKE, Delhi & Bengaluru

(Photo credit: Swanoop John, Kochi Biennale Foundation)