Brazil: Pablo Lobato, Paulo Nazareth
China: GaoShiqiang, Chen Chieh-Jen
South Africa: Zwelethu Mthethwa and Matthew Hindley
Russia: HaimSokol
Germany: Julian Rosefeldt, Marcel Odenbach

China: GaoShiming
Russia: Joseph Backstein
India: Bose Krishnamachari
South Africa: SaratMaharaj
Brazil+ Germany: Alfons Hug

2. Gallery OED

Gallery OED Cochin
5/600 Bazar Road, Mattanchery,
Cochin, 682002, India.

Four Shows:

  1. Re-picturing the Feminine: New and Hybrid Realities in the Artworld—A Survey of Indian and Australian Contemporary Female Artists
    Curated by Dr. Kavitha Balakrishnan
  3. Gallery Veda Chennai Presents
    Arpana Caur- Solo Project
    Video screening – Bazar Road,  Mattanchery

3. Daniel Connell: Look Back

Venue: Fort Kochi Park, Carnival Office Walls
Time: From December 6 onwards. (6:30 am to 9:30 am & 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

On the Kochi Carnival Office walls, one of the oldest buildings in Fort Kochi, Australian visual artist Daniel Connell will reproduce large images of Indigenous Australians using hand-drawn images and photographs. Titled LOOK BACK, his project intends to draw attention to a blood-land link and asks the question: Is Australian Aboriginal Spirituality the Hinduism of 80 000 years ago?

4. Water – The Mirror Of The World

Paintings and Installation by Alexander Devasia

Sylviander House – Art Museum
Bluestar Library Road
Pathirapally P.O.
Alappuzha, 688 521
Kerala, South-India

5. Layout 02

Venue: Warehouse  opposite Jeevamatha Church, Mattancherry Bazaar Road, Fort Kochi

6. Absence/Presence

Painting + Sculpture + Video by 40 artists. A group show conducted bu Zen Studio Gallery, Eramalloor.
Venue: Yousuf Art Gallery, Jew Town, Mattancherry. 31st Dec. 2012 to 12 March 2013.


7. ‘Interstices’

A curated art exhibition, presenting nine artists from four continents, to be held at Hallegua Hall, AB Salem Road, Jew Town, Kochi.
11am – 6.30pm daily: 20 Dec to 28 Jan.


8. Slayer Pavilion: Room 13 1/2: Last Chance to Advance

Studio 1, Hallegua Hall, AB Salem Road, Jew Town, Kochi. 11am – 6.30pm daily: 21.12.2012 – 05.01.2013.


9. “Chaap” Exchanging Imprints

An art installation by students from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Location: Front lawn at Aspinwall House.


10. Contested Terrain

February 06, 2013 to March 13, 2013
at Hallegua Hall, A B Salem Road, Jew Town, Fort Kochi

Alok Bal
Amjum B V
KG Babu
Dhara Mehrotra
Gokul Paul
Kriti Gupta
Nilanjana Nandy
Nandini Das
Payal Bhalala
Pooja Panchal
Rajesh Ram
Rejeesh Sarovar
Rajib Chowdhury
Reji Arackal
Saju Kunhan
Saptarshi Naskar
Sudipta Das
Sujith KS
Sujith SN
Sunil Laal
Ved Gupta
Zakkir Hussain


  • Mural Art Program 

    26 August 2012
    Palath Raman Cultural Centre, Veli Ground, Fort KochiIn celebration of Onam the Corporation of Cochin and Kochi-Muziris Biennale presented a demonstration of traditional Kerala mural painting.Details:Ten Kerala mural artists commenced creation of a new large scale artwork[…]
  • Sightseeing Trip – Eberhard Havekost in Kochi 

    27 May 2012
    Durbar HallThe artist Eberhard HavekostEberhard Havekost is one of the most important artists of his generation. He was born in Dresden in 1967 and studied painting from 1991 to 1996 at the distinguished, historic academy in Dresden. His pictures are the result of a constant ana[…]