A workshop on Non-fiction comics and graphic stories that explores some of the everyday life processes of Mattancherry and Kochi.

Eleven artists have spent a month visually researching, documenting and narrating stories that range from how traditional kochi papadams are produced to how a fishing boat is managed and navigated to how a hundred new movie posters are pasted overnight on the walls of Mattancherry.

We chose to eschew the traditional lenses of History and Sociology – in order to understand the idea of ‘place’ as a dynamic entity being continuously shaped afresh by its inhabitants.

We foreground individual protagonists even as we tell documentary stories about community and collective struggles. Our approach is also about ways in which visual narration can highlight unrecognised skills and different kinds of non- textual knowledge that keep a city like Kochi socially and culturally alive and evolving.

See the grahic below for timings and details.