Artist Lisa Premke, as part of the Pepper House Residency, has begun exploring the studio space and the Fort Kochi area.

“I have been observing the soundscape and hope to create a work around that. I come from a place with extreme temperature differences (Berlin), but here the weather is quite like the sound – there is a constant cacophony. While there are a wide variety of sounds, everything comes together in this kind of sonic camouflage. There is constant movement, but a meditative stasis. I want to explore the idea of isolating sounds, and the duality inherent in the way (for example) the constant hum of a vent comes together with bristling palms.”

Lisa is in india as part of the bangaloREsidency programme of the Goethe-Institut, Bangalore.

For more information on Lisa and the Pepper House Residency, click here.