Covering 12 venues of the Biennale is no easy task. Neither does it help that 10 of these venues are situated in Fort Kochi and located within a short distance from each other. If you’ve got only one day in hand, planning your itinerary is going to be hard. So we thought we’d give you a hand with it.

1. You’ll be buying your tickets from Aspinwall House, so you could begin your day here. While the ticket counter at Aspinwall opens at 10am, there are guided tours at 11am and 3pm of 90 minutes duration each. The tour will acquaint you with some of the major artworks here.

2. A number of the venues – Pepper House, Kashi Art Cafe and David Hall also function as cafes, so you could stop over either of these venues for lunch, so no time is lost running from restaurant to venue.

3. Your choice of cafe or restaurant could be decided by the areas you want to cover after lunch. If you stop over at Kashi or David Hall, you could take a tour of the venues around it, including Kashi Art Gallery and Cochin Club. You could even stop for a cup of tea and some shopping at the Nicobar pop-up shop at David Hall.

4. On the other hand, if you want to explore the works in venues sprawled across Mattancherry, you could make Pepper House, situated on Bazaar Road, as your focal point. From here you can proceed towards Mattancherry and take stock of the works at the MAP Project Space, Anand Warehouse and TKM Warehouse. Taking the Mattancherry route also gives you access to the venues of the Students’ Biennale and the Pepper House Residency Exhibition, besides the numerous collateral projects.

5. While fitting in Durbar Hall into your itinerary might be only marginally possible, you’ll have to fix a separate schedule for Kottapuram Fort, situated 45 km from Ernakulam. So it would be wiser to club Durbar Hall and Kottapuram Fort on a separate schedule. Ticket passes can be bought at Durbar Hall, and your trip to Kottapuram Fort and back would suffice for the day.