Zuleikha Chaudhuri's second round of performances in February


Auditioning the Plaintiff. Rehearsing the Witness: The Bhawal Court Case by Zuleikha Chaudhari is a theatre and installation work. Zuleikha is back at in her space at Aspinwall House to present the second round of performances between 4th and 8th February, 2017. The detailed schedule is available here.

The project uses original evidence from the Bhawal court case – testimonies of witnesses as well as photographic portraits of the young Kumar restaged by the older plaintiff to establish likeness – as scripts and reference material. Auditioning the Plaintiff focuses on the plaintiff’s testimony. This material, which bears the burden of proving one’s self, of convincing the court that you are who you say you are and that what you say can be believed, is used as an audition text. An audition is typically an introduction — in an audition, the actor has to present a self portrait as well as his technique and ability to become someone else. The representation is real and staged at the same time.