Trained both as a composer and visual artist, Pedro Gómez-Egaña’s practice expands across performance, sculpture, video, installation, and sound. Central to his artistic approach is the performative aspect of sculpture, which he presents in the form of animated objects or as seemingly haunted environments. Gómez-Egaña creates carefully staged scenarios and built spaces where objects and machines are transformed through audience participation. His works refer to historical and cultural intersections between technology and temporality, while presenting the powerful and uncanny character of structures and machines.

Gómez-Egaña has trained at Goldsmiths College and the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He completed his doctoral studies at the Norwegian Fellowship Programme in 2012. His sculptures, installations and performance-based works have been presented at Performa 13, New York, (2013); Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France, (2013); Brussels Biennial, (2008) CCMOCA Buenos Aires, (2009); Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, (2015); Bergen Triennial, Norway, (2013); Marrakech Biennial, (2009) and Colomboscope, Sri Lanka (2015). The artist lives and works in both Norway and Denmark.